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Learning on the Blockchain

By 26 september, 2016september 3rd, 2018News

”I don’t care how you became an expert. I just want to know that you are one”. The importance of informal knowledge and non-curricula learning is becoming increasingly important. There´s an ongoing shift in the way we view how people gained their skills and competence, and one of the remaning challenges is how informal education and competences can be validated and assessed. How do we create a digital trust-based system? Could the Blockchain be useful?

On the 15th of September Futurion organized a seminar with a panel discussion between Swedish experts on education, employment and working life. As an inspirational introduction to the seminar, Alex Voto and Sara Skvirsky from the Institute for the Future (IFTF), gave an overview on how algorithms can be used to make it easier for both employers, employees and freelancers to show and share their real knowledge.

This is the introduction used at the seminar: