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The road ahead for on-the-job training and re-skilling in Sweden

“Most Swedes are aware of the need for on the job training, with one in four recognising that they need education to start a new career. A majority of Swedes also think that employers should be mandated to provide training to all their employees, but doubt that this is something that trade unions can secure for them.”Carl Melin, head of research at Futurion, lays out a couple of strategic challenges for the future of on-the-job-training and re-skilling in Sweden in this blogpost on Nesta’s website. 

Delivering digital skills for an inclusive future of work – workshop with Nestas’ Digital Frontrunners

How can we anticipate the skills that will be in demand? Serve the diverse needs workforce? Maintain an adaptable skills ecosystem? And, last but not least, motivate people to learn new skills? These are the four strategic priorities for governments identified by the Nesta led Digital Frontrunners. On March 5th Futurion co-hosted a seminar at Goto10 for further exploration on these topics. 

The true causes of populism – automation and other changes in the labour market

All over the world, populist parties and movements are growing ever more strongly, and established parties appear to lack effective strategies to combat this. Our newly-published report confirms that this growing populism can be explained by people’s concerns about what is happening in the labour market. Politicians and many experts have underestimated the importance of the economy and jobs and overestimated the immigration issue.

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Futurion in cooperation with Institute for the Future

What are the main forces shaping the Future of Work? Futurion has now started a cooperation with the California based Institute for the Future and their 10-Year Forecast program in order to broaden our perspective on future challenges concerning the future worklife.