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Delivering digital skills for an inclusive future of work – workshop with Nestas’ Digital Frontrunners

By 7 mars, 2019News

How can we anticipate the skills that will be in demand? Serve the diverse needs workforce? Maintain an adaptable skills ecosystem? And, last but not least, motivate people to learn new skills? These are the four strategic priorities for governments identified by the Nesta led Digital Frontrunners. On March 5th Futurion co-hosted a seminar at Goto10 for further exploration on these topics.

Digital Frontrunners  has brought together over 80 future of work experts, training organisations, government representatives and unions in the Nordic and Benelux regions to explore what it will take to deliver a more inclusive future of work. Through research and collaboration, we’ve been learning how these countries are responding to the ways digital transformation is affecting work.

On the 5th March Nesta in cooperation with Futurion invited a select group for an interactive session where we shared specific and practical examples of how countries across this region are tackling shared challenges.

Presentation and conversation led by: Jack Orlik, Senior Researcher, Olivia Chapman, Programme Manager Elsie Till, Deputy Programme Manager, and Per Lagerström,  Futurion.

Watch the introduction to the workshop here:


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