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Technology and innovation have always shaped society. Although things are moving at a rapid pace right now, we are not fully certain of into which direction we are headed.

Globalisation and digitalisation have given people the opportunity to travel, interact and exchange ideas, learn and adapt in completely new ways, like never before. Access to information has opened up minds to find alternative ways to live and create the future.

Simultaneously, these same factors have given rise to a complex world in which we live, act and work. Global competition is tougher and has altered in character. It has an impact on people, markets and communications. And it is a fact that the digital era has transformed our wants and needs. Some jobs will disappear, some will transform and others, previously unheard-of, formed.

Many questions arise. And what about those robots? Will they allow us to work less or does it mean we will only co-exist with them at the work place? Where will we live? And what will need to study and learn to keep up?

With these new questions, new solutions are formed to meet the challenges ahead. There are many good questions and just as many possible answers. Futurion wants to dissect the issues concerning future work life and the future of the Swedish labour market and understand them, in depth.

The road ahead for on-the-job training and re-skilling in Sweden

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"Most Swedes are aware of the need for on the job training, with one in four recognising that they need education to start a new career. A majority of Swedes…

Delivering digital skills for an inclusive future of work – workshop with Nestas’ Digital Frontrunners

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How can we anticipate the skills that will be in demand? Serve the diverse needs workforce? Maintain an adaptable skills ecosystem? And, last but not least, motivate people to learn…

The true causes of populism – automation and other changes in the labour market

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All over the world, populist parties and movements are growing ever more strongly, and established parties appear to lack effective strategies to combat this. Our newly-published report confirms that this growing…

Futurion seminars on YouTube

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Through our public seminars we regularly meet up with our network of stakeholders from different sectors of the Swedish society. Beyond that we also webcast our events to create a…

Futurion in pictures

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Each year we invite our network to seminars, breakfast talks, workshops and hackathons. Interacting with stakeholders from different sectors of society is an important part of getting insights and creating foresights…