Futurion is a think tank, founded in 2016 by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) and its 14 affiliated trade unions. It is the first of its kind in Sweden, to be independent and created by trade unions.

– When the world around us is changing at a rapid pace, we need more knowledge and discuss the issues of future work life and about the labour market. That is why we at Futurion work research-based and in dialogue with other actors, says Ann-Therése Enarsson, CEO.

Our purpose is to study, analyse and foresight the conditions for the future of work and spread knowledge on the Nordic labour market model. We are driven to engage and take the leading role on the issue of future work life and the labour market.Through analysis and dialogue, and with an emphasis on collaborative work with key actors, we explore the issues which concern TCO and its affiliated members. Work life on both an individual as on a structural level, alongside the Swedish labour market, is of interest.

Our target group is anyone who reflects on the current and future state of the Swedish labour market and the complexity of our globalised economy.  We act as a knowledge hub and a future lab and deliver insights on key challenges.

Our aim is to understand, ask the right questions and highlight the necessary issues to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. In order to do that, we talk and, more importantly, we listen – at seminars, talks, roundtable discussions, hackathons and through our podcast. We enjoy exchanging ideas and following the facts by attaching our work to scientific studies and the academic sector. Differently put, we provide platforms on which different parties can meet and discuss, instead of providing policy recommendations and concrete action points.

Although one can never be sure, we would like to maintain an optimistic view of the future. Perhaps even dare to say, that it might turn out to be somewhat fantastic.