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Technological innovations have always been shaping and effecting society. And right now, things are moving faster than ever. In a sense, the worklife of tomorrow is already here.

With globalization, more people than ever before have the opportunity to travel, exchange ideas, and discover new horizons. In a digital era, more people also have access to information, which gives a greater freedom to shape your own life and future.

The international competition together with technical innovations will make some jobs disappear, some will transform, and new types of jobs will be created.

Will the robots allow us to work less? Or is it that a few of us will work even more? And when all the facts in the world is on Google, then what are the new skills that are needed?

The future labour market is facing challenges that we at Futurion really want to understand. In depth.

All over the world, more and more people are moving into cities. What will this increasing urbanization lead to? Globally and in Sweden? Will there even be a service sector outside the greater Stockholm area? Will the access to a decent residence become more important than a good salary?

There is a need for new solutions and new ideas on how to meet the challenges ahead. We want to find out what the future worklife will look like. We believe in collaboration and we want to create a platform where different voices and opinions can meet.

The true causes of populism – automation and other changes in the labour market

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Futurion in pictures

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Learning on the Blockchain

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Futurion in cooperation with Institute for the Future

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