Futurion was launched in the spring of 2016 by TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees) and its 14 affiliated trade unions.

Futurion AB is the first politically independent Swedish think tank that was created by trade unions. The mission is to engage and take a leading role in the ongoing discussion about working life in the future. 

Our perspective is long term. We focus on the conditions for the work life of tomorrow but we also work in order to improve the overall knowledge about the Swedish Part Model.

STOCKHOLM 20160226. Ann-Therese Enarsson, ny vd för TCO-förbundens nya tankesmedja ”Futurion”, som precis flyttat in i lokaler på Linnégatan 14 i Stockholm . Foto: Anders Wiklund / TT kod 10040

– As the world changes quickly, there is a need for a better understanding about the future work life. I look forward to engage long term in close cooperation with the academic sector, says CEO Ann-Therese Enarsson.

Future trends and scenarios. Not everyday issues.
We explore the issues that concerns TCO and its affiliated members through analyzes and dialoge. We focus on the working life, both on an individual and a structural level. In collaboration with others, we deliver insights on key challenges for the working life of tomorrow.

We’re a knowledge hub and a future lab for anyone who wants to understand the Swedish labour market and the challenges we’re facing in the globalized economy.

Our method of operations are focused on dialogue and cooperation. We listen more than we talk – meaning we provide platforms where different views can meet, not cocksure policy recommendations and concrete actions.

We work in close cooperation with the academic sector to make research and scientific results easier to understand. We like to think of the future in a positive way. We’re not sure, but we think it can be fantastic.